torek, november 16, 2004

Glass falling from Ljubljana’s Nama

A second glass panel fell from the façade of the Nama department store building in downtown Ljubljana during the night of 9 October. Just like with the first one, the cause has not been determined. Fortunately, no one was injured.

One theory is that vibrations from Global, the night club on the top floor of the building, literally shook the panels off of the building. Another theory suggests the glass panels were defective. Vandalism has also not been ruled out, and in fact another building not far away was vandalized the same night.

The panels are made of safety glass, which means that the broken glass on the sidewalk below was minimal. However, the fact that safety glass does not shatter means that it would have the same impact as fifty kilograms of sand dropped from the same height [Žurnal / 15.10.04 / Nam(a)le steklo].