četrtek, julij 29, 2004

Ban on Sunday shopping ban...for now

Sunday shoppers were in luck in mid-July when the Constitutional Court ordered a temporary stay on the enforcement of a law which essentially bans stores from being open on Sundays. Mercator, Kompas MTS, Era and Petrol have all filed petitions claiming that enforcement of the law would cause them significant losses of profits which would lead to wide-spread layoffs. The law was set to enter into force on 15 September. [SBW / 12.07.04 / Constitutional Court Suspends Provisions on Opening Hours of Stores]

The ban is part of amendments to the Trade Act which were put before the electorate in a 21 September 2003 referendum. 57.7 percent of voters supported the ban, but turnout was only about 27 percent [SB / 21.09.03 /
Referendum decides against Sunday shopping].