sreda, november 24, 2004

Ljubljana International Film Festival premiers "Tu pa tam"

The Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe) is currently underway. Even though the Festival of Slovene Film (FSF) ended as LIFFe was beginning, this festival still managed to host the premier of a Slovene film, Mitja Okorn’s Tu pa tam (Here and There).

The film was shut out of the FSF because it was insufficiently professional, but by many critics' accounts, it was just as good if not better than many of the films that were shown during that festival. LIFFe clearly thought the same, as evidenced by it's being shown during that festival just days later.

Unfortunately, Tu pa tam does not exist in a 35mm format and so its future is unclear. A 35mm copy would be required for it to be distributed around the country. Mitja Novljan’s Norega se metek ogne (Bullets Miss The Fool) is in a similar position. That flim did manage to be included in the FSF, but attracted little attention despite its interesting premise and high entertainment value.

Nevertheless, Okorn told to expect his film to be in theatres in January [24 / 16.11.04 / Dvakrat odbiti 'Tu pa tam'].