sobota, marec 26, 2005

Slovene tokaj wine now “točaj”

Since Hungary has registered the name “tokaj” with the European Union (EU) as a trademark of its wine producers, Slovene winemakers are no longer permitted to call their wines tokaj. The Brdo Consortium of winemakers has decided that instead its tokaj wine will now be called “točaj.”

Hungarian producers are currently the only ones permitted to market wine called “tokaj” within the EU, with the exception of Italy, which successfully negotiated a grace period lasting through 31 March 2007. The Brdo Consortium is currently applying for trademark status for “točaj” [Delo / 25.03.05 / Novo ime tokaj je točaj].

A similar fate befell cviček wine even within Slovenia, since the Dolenjska region managed to trademark that name within the EU. Cviček is also made in the Posavje region just across the Sava from Dolenjska, and winegrowers there must now sell it as “Sremiško-Bizeljske” wine.


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