četrtek, marec 03, 2005

To sem jaz update: Miro wins!

The reality television show To sem jaz, which brought together contestants from around the former Yugoslavia, ended with a Slovene contestant Miro Todososki taking home the grand prize. Miro won some 20,000 euro in cash, a mobile telephone, a trip, a watch and an exclusive contract with Prvi TV that includes the recording of five songs and two music videos.

In second place, the Albanian Admir won a trip, a mobile phone, a wristwatch and a Matiz car. Croatia’s Josipa, who came in third, won a scooter, a mobile phone, a watch and a contract to record a song and to shoot a music video in Egypt.

Bosnia’s Mirela came in fourth, followed by Macedonia’s Dragi and Macedonia’s Jana. Each won a scooter, mobile phone, a trip and a wristwatch [Index.hr / 28.02.05 / "To sam ja": Pobjednik Slovenac Miro, Zadranka Josipa treća].

As the show was ending, the Bosnian-based Media Plan Institute published an extensive study about To sem jaz which delves into the controversy the show created within Macedonia. Because of lewd conduct and coarse speech, the show received several notices from Macedonia’s media watchdog Broadcast Council, and seems to have violated the Broadcast Law in a number of ways [Media Online / 23.02.05 / This is me: ‘Toa sum jas – To sam ja – To sem jaz’].

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