četrtek, julij 29, 2004

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Some 985,224 tourists visited Slovenia in the first six months of 2004, up 2 percent over 2003 [SBW / 26.07.04 / Visitor Numbers Down in June].

The numbers will be helped after 25 November, when
EasyJet will launch a new route linking Ljubljana with Berlin with fares as low as 4.49 euros. Finance reports, “Since the launch of its scheduled flights between Ljubljana and London at the end of April, EasyJet's capacities have been filled up to 93 percent, while the company's market share on the Ljubljana-London route reached 65 percent” [SBW / 26.07.04 / EasyJet to Fly to Berlin From Ljubljana in November, 24 ur / 22.07.04 / EasyJet tudi v Berlin, SBW / 12.07.04 / Ljubljana Visit a Last-Minute Decision for Most Easyjet Passengers].

Every Saturday through the end of September, Austria’s
Styrian Airways will be flying between Maribor and Corfu; in October, Styrian plans to lauch daily flights between Maribor and Paris starting in October [SBW / 5.07.04 / Styrian Starts Flights from Maribor to Corfu].

Meantime, 50m euros worth of improvements are underway at Ljubljana’s Brnik airport, in the form of a new terminal, parking lot and office building. The construction of these objects should be done by 2007, while a second tier of projects including a new road, hotel, storehouse and control tower, will be done around 2010 [SBW / 19.07.04 /
Ljubljana Airport To Expand and Offer More Flights, Finance / 11.7.04 / Big Investments at Aerodrom Ljubljana to Be Followed By Doubled Income].


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