torek, avgust 17, 2004

22 August: 10th annual Erazmov viteški turnir

Sunday, 22 August will see the 10th annual Erazmov viteški turnir (Erazmus Knights’ Tournament) at the picturesque Predjamski Castle, near Postojna.

The festival will offer visitors a window into the past, as organizers strive to recreate the Middle Ages through jousting and sword fighting competitions, a medieval market and other events featuring people in period dress, as well as period food, song and dance. There is a special segment of events for children, including creative activities and games [STA / 17.08.04 /
V Predjami v nedeljo 10. tradicionalni Erazmov viteški turnir].

And the official website of
Postojnska Jama and Predjamski Grad has additional info, including the program of the event and a gallery of previous years’ tournaments.

See also: “
Reliving the Past” in Ljubljana Life for more on summer medieval festivals in Slovenia.