sobota, avgust 07, 2004

What's a good souvenir from Slovenia? Who knows!

“Tourists have a huge problem when it comes to buying souvenirs in Slovenia because they don't know what typical and traditional items are for the country,” according to Thursday’s Finance.

A poll of foreign tourists produced a strange mix of replies to the question: “What is a typical gift from Slovenia?”

An Israeli answered with a question of his own: “Are these carved wooden things typical gifts here?”

A Dutchman simply replied: “I have no clue what a typical gift from Slovenia would be.”

As examples of good Slovene souvenirs, the paper lists painted Easter eggs (
pirhi), painted beehive panels (panjske končnice) and lace (Idrijske čipke), but adds that sales of souvenir items are falling from year to year because of a 20-percent souvenir tax which raises their price above what many tourists are willing to pay.

[Finance / 05.08.04 /
Confused Tourists Seek Souvenirs, Finance / 05.08.04 / Turisti bi kupili spominke, a ne vedo, katere].


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