petek, avgust 13, 2004

Government responds to interpellation

Today in parliament, the government submitted its response to the opposition’s interpellation motion. Instead of a formal response, Prime Minister Rop submitted a 340-page report on the country’s development during the 2000-2004 period. Rop stressed that the report contains concrete, verifiable data.

The report highlights many achievements during the 2000-2004 period, including: the World Bank’s declaring Slovenia to be among the most developed countries in the world; above-average economic growth; lowering unemployment, poverty and interest rates; and Slovene membership in the EU and NATO.

[RTVS / 12.08.04 /
Slovene government sends response to opposition's interpellation to parliament, STA / 12.08.04 / Vlada bo odgovorila na interpelacijo, Finance / 12.08.04 / Odgovor vlade na interpelacijo vložen v državni zbor, Finance / 12.08.04 / Premier Anton Rop nad interpelacijo s poročilom o razvoju].

For more from Slovenia Bulletin on the interpellation motion, see: “
Interpellation motion filed vs. government” from 2 August 2004.


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