ponedeljek, avgust 02, 2004

Strel conquors China's Yangtze

Slovene super swimmer Martin Strel swam 4600 kilometers down the Yangtze River in China, finishing on 30 July. The trip took a month and a half [UVI / 02.08.04 / Strel Swam Yangtze River].

According to the Slovene government’s Public Relations and Media Office (UVI), Strel had to defeat whirlpools, extreme temperatures, high tides and other troubles during the trek.

"The extremely hot weather is hard to grapple with, but I had to choose this season because the tides are relatively easy to swim with," Strel told the Chinese media [Muzi News / 31.07.04 /
Slovenian breaks record swimming China's Yangtze].

Strel is 49 years old and holds numerous marathon swimming records, including one for being the first person to swim the Mississippi River. Strel's most recent achievement was the Parana River in Latin America, which he conquered last December. Strel also swam 3,004 km of the Danube River in 58 days [ICE / 06.08.04 / http://www.incentraleurope.com/ice/issue/56817].