sobota, november 27, 2004

Death of sex worker in Bosnia puts region on red alert

The tragic case of Olena Popik, a victim of human trafficking from Ukraine who died last month in Bosnia, has caused tremors in Slovenia and throughout the region. The latest issue of The Slovenia Times includes a story on Popik, as did much of the media in the country.

Popik worked as a prostitute in Bosnia as well as in Slovenia and Serbia. Her official cause of death was tuberculosis, complicated by syphilis, hepatitis C and AIDS.

Bosnian police have uncovered at least part of the human trafficking ring that brought Popik to their country. They have also released word that many of her clients were upper-class businessmen and politicians. Popik told the police herself before she died that she was with an average of eight men daily and rarely used condoms.

The question now is, how many of these men will now come down with any - or all - of the diseases she was carrying? [ST / 12.04 / End of a Tragic Life].