četrtek, december 30, 2004

Percieved corruption dropping

According to a public opinion poll, fewer Slovenes think corruption is a major problem than did in 2003. The study was conducted by the University of Ljubljana's Center for Public Opinion Research and Mass Communications.

Last year's survey showed that more than 60 percent perceived corruption as being a big problem, with less than five percent dismissing corruption as being a problem at all. Some 95 percent in any case said that they themselves have never had personal experience with corruption [SB / 30.11.03 / Corruption a big problem few have experienced].

The latest study showed the number of people who consider corruption to be a major problem has dropped from 30.8 percent last year to 29.9 percent this year. The number of people who think corruption is a significant problem likewise fell, from 29.4 to 26.8 percent [BBC/STA / 21.12.04 / Fewer Slovenes see corruption as major problem - opinion poll].

According to the 2004 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, Slovenia ranked 31st in the world, tied with Botswana and Estonia. Among new members of the EU, only Malta scored higher, 25th. Cyprus ranked 36th, followed by Hungary (42) and Lithuania (44). Italy in 42nd place and Greece in 49th were the lowest-ranked of EU member states.

Among the former Yugoslav republics, Croatia ranked 67th, followed by Bosnia (82) and Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro (tied at 97).