četrtek, december 16, 2004

To sem jaz update: Official website a hit

According to the Croatian media, the official To sem jaz website at www.toasumjas.com.mk is attracting a record number of hits. In the first three days that it was possible to watch the show over the internet, some 340,000 people visited the site – a record number for a Macedonian website [Večernji list / 15.12.04 / Tisuće surfera na netu zbog ’To sam ja’].

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13.12.04 Two contestants expelled


At 12:13 pop., Blogger BB4 said...

The website may be a hit but where are the stories about the contestants and what happend to the live feeds?

At 1:01 dop., Blogger brotherlylove said...

I understand that the site is inder construction. A sugestion could be to begin posting some more information concerning the show. The photos are a hit, but wish there could be more updates.

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