četrtek, december 30, 2004

To sem jaz update: Four to be voted out on 4 January

Even though organizers promised that two castmembers would be voted off of To sem jaz every twenty days, no one has been kicked out yet (other than the two unruly Macedonians).

Apparently, the hold up has been caused by the casts' request that they be allowed to remain together to celebrate the new year. Another reason perhaps is that the group is going to record a song written by one of the Slovene contestants, Miro. They performed the song on 26 December at the Macedonian national Eurosong competition in Skopje. The CD is set to debut just after the first of the year.

To make up for the slow start, four cast members will be voted off the show on 4 January [Novi List / 11.12.04 / No Početkom siječnja iz kuće izlaze četiri kandidata].

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At 12:03 pop., Blogger BB4 said...

Thanks for the info but unless the live feeds are fixed sometime soon were not going to witness the first round of evictions.

The feeds have been out of action for the past day or so, any idea why?

At 12:58 dop., Blogger brotherlylove said...

Could someone please post on http://forum.bb5bbq.com/index.php?showforum=200
and share with us the progress of the show. Our feeds have been down for the weekend. If there is a problem and we may not be permitted to view anymore, we would appreciate a little note so we know to move on :(


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