sreda, januar 05, 2005

Slovenia takes over lead at OSCE

As of 1 January 2005, Slovene foreign minister Dimitrij Rupel is the chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), based in Vienna. Slovenia assumed the lead role in the organization from Bulgaria, which was at the helm throughout last year. Rupel is expected to present Slovenia's goals for the term on 13 January [SEE Times / 03.01.05 / Slovenia Takes Over Rotating OSCE Chairmanship From Bulgaria].

Judging from recent statements, however, it seems that Slovenia sees its role at the head of the OSCE as being that of an intermediary striving to bridge the divides among the 55 members of the organization. It is also expected that Slovenia will give some degree of impetus to reforming the organization. Rupel will head the Slovene delegation to the OSCE but will maintain his position as foreign minister; day-to-day responsibilities at OSCE headquarters in Vienna will be handled by a carefully-selected team led by Slovene diplomat Boris Frlec and supported by Slovenia’s 12-man permanent mission to the OSCE [SBW / 03.01.05 / Slovenia at the Helm of OSCE in 2005].