ponedeljek, februar 14, 2005

Controversial Italian film to air on SLO 1 this week

According to Finance, nearly 7000 Slovenes watched the first part of the controversial Italian film Il cuore nel pozzo (Heart in a Pit) on Sunday, and nearly 8000 caught the second part the following evening. "At least one minute of the first part of the film was seen by 44,972 Slovenes, and at least one minute of the second was seen by 46,158," the paper reported on Wednesday, citing data by Media Services AGB. The figures are impressive, especially when the fact that the film ran on Italian state television RAI, which is received by only about 48 percent of Slovene households. More than 9 million Italians (37 percent of all television viewers at that time) saw the film [Finance / 09.02.05 / Film o fojbah je na RAI gledalo nekaj tisoč Slovencev]

Even more Slovenes will have the chance to see the film and to judge it for themselves when Television Slovenia 1 airs it this week, at 20:00 on both 15 and 16 February. The second part on Wednesday will be followed by a special edition of the talk show Omizje, in which critics and others will discuss the film and its portrayal of Slovenes during the second World War [Finance / 08.02.05 / Film o fojbah tudi na TV Slovenija].