petek, julij 30, 2004

Film festival leaves Celje after just one year

On 8 July, news came that the annual Festival of Slovene Film will not take place in Celje this year as planned. Festival officials have decided that the city cannot handle the organization of the festival due to a lack of hotel rooms for the event due to other events which will be going on in the city in the first half of September, when the festival is to take place. The festival will most likely take place in Ljubljana between 15 and 18 September [STA / 08.07.04 / Festivala slovenskega filma v Celju ne bo].

After five years in Portorož, the Festival of Slovene film returned to Celje just last year. Until 1991, the festival was called the Week of Yugoslav Film and took place in Celje, In 1995, it was renamed the Week of Domestic Film, and in 1996 and 1997, it was called the Slovene Film Marathon and moved to Portorož. Finally, in 1998, it took on the name it carries today, the Festival of Slovene Film. [SB / 12.04.03 /
Festival of Slovene Film preparations underway]

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