sobota, november 27, 2004

Slovene architecture exhibited in Berlin

A show of contemporary Slovene architecture opened on 26 November in Berlin. The show is called "Gradbišče Slovenija" (Construction Site: Slovenia), and is curated by Vladimir Šlapeta, Miha Dešman in Andrej Hrausky. It was prepared by Ljubljana's DESSA architectural gallery.

Construction Site: Slovenia presents 23 architectural projects executed since Slovene independence in 1991, with particular emphasis on the past five years. The influence on contemporary Slovene architecture by Jože Plecnik and Edvard Ravnikar is also highlighted.

The exhibit is part of a cycle of exhibits of modern architecture from Eastern Europe supported by the German Academy of Arts begun in 1994. Past shows have focused on Poland, Moscow, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia [Večer / 25.11.04 / V Berlinu razstava sodobne Slovenske arhitekture].