četrtek, december 09, 2004

Moderna galerija to host “The Seven Sins”

An exhibit of Russian and Slovene modern art called “The Seven Sins: Ljubljana – Moscow” will open at Ljubljana's Moderna Galerija on 20 December. It runs through 28 February 2005.

The exhibit will explore the relationship between the Slovene and Russian capitals, highlighting the continuity of contact between the two cities, and the similarties in their aesthetics and Slavic and Eastern European countries. It is curated by Zdenka Badovinac, Viktor Misjano and Igor Zabel.

The seven sins refered to in the title relate to the exhibit's exploration of what “Eastern European culture” actually means. Curators identified seven sins they believe are common to all Eastern European countries, and the exhibit is organized accordingly. The sins are: Collectivism, Utopianism, Masochism, Cynicism, Laziness, Unprofessionalism and Love of the West. Interestingly, though these things are called sins, the exhibit simultaneously tries to present their virtuous aspects as well.

Supplementing the visual art which is the exhibit's backbone, a schedle of accompanying events includes other relevant arts: film, architecture, design, popular culture and music. The exhibit is also accompanied by a catalogue with essays written by such Slovene and Russian writers as Slavoj Žižek, Svetlana Boym and Marcel Štefančič, Jr. [Non-Starving Artists / 08.12.04 / The Seven Sins: Ljubljana-Moscow].