četrtek, december 09, 2004

Mujo and Haso hit Slovene television

Mujo and Haso, the stars of thousands upon thousands of jokes popular throughout the former Yugoslavia, are now the stars of their very own television series. Almost.

On 3 December at 8:00 p.m., Pop TV premiered Veseli december (Merry December). The show is based on a classic play called Avdicija (The Audition), which premiered in Sarajevo in 1982. The play was an improvised parody of the entry exams for an acting school. Veseli december is directed by Branko Đurić-Đuro, as was Avdicija.

Branko Ðurič – Ðuro also directed some 63 sketches based on Mujo and Haso jokes, which rank among the best-known and best-loved jokes throughout the former Yugoslavia. The sketches air throughout each episode of Veseli december and star Milan Pavlović as Mujo and Enis Bešlagić as Haso.

All 63 sketches from Veseli december will be compiled on a DVD which will be available throughout the former Yugoslavia as well as the EU in early December. The DVD will also include outtakes and sketches deemed too dirty for television. Subtitles will be available for Italian, German and English [Megaklub / 30.11.04 / Mujo in Haso - zascitena blagovna znamka].