ponedeljek, december 13, 2004

To sem jaz update: Sex, live

To sem jaz became amateur porn on 7 December, when Slovene Miro and Serb Dijana became the first to have sex on the show.

As Večernji list describes the situation, "Miro and Dijana left the other housemates, went to his bed and began to make love. This was shown on television, but Dijana and Miro tried to protect themselves from the public’s eyes and covered themselves with the bedspread so that the cameras could not see everything. But the bedspread did not cover everything" [Večernji list / 08.12.04 / Pao prvi seks: Slovenac Miro i Srpkinja Dijana!].

Previously, the most scandalous moments were when Croat Edis took a shower in the nude on live TV, and when Macedonian Filip asked the producers for condoms so he could masturbate in bed and "not make too much of a mess."

To sem jaz can be seen on Prva TV in 10 to 15 minute increments five times daily from Monday to Friday, with hour-long daily wrap-ups each evening as well as on Saturdays. The To sem jaz website can be found at http://www.toasumjas.com.mk/.


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