ponedeljek, december 13, 2004

To sem jaz update: Two contestants expelled

Even before the first two contestants could be voted out of the To sem jaz house, two of them managed to get themselves disqualified on 8 December: Gordana Dimitrievska and Filip Hristovski, both of the Macedonians.

Filip was disqualified for mistreating his female housemates, and for talking to people outside the secret Skopje villa where the cast is living. Contestants are only allowed to communicate with the moderators and guests of the show, and are otherwise supposed to be cut off from the outside world.

Gordana, on the other hand, was disqualified for throwing a mug at Edis, one of the Croatian contestants, during a heated argument. He managed to get out of the way, and the mug shattered on the floor, but a piece of the broken glass hurt the mouth of Admir, one of the Albanians. Filip backed Gordana up in the argument, and that proved to be the last straw for him. Both were ejected from the house [Večernji list / 09.12.04 / Iz kuće izbačeni - Makedonci!].

Two new Macedonian contestants have been brought in to replace Filip and Gordana: Jana Velkovska and Dragi Hristos.

Slovenia is represented by Mateja Plahuta and Miro Tosodovski. The other contestants are Edin and Mirela from Bosnia, Edis and Josipa from Croatia and Miodrag and Dijana from Serbia and Montenegro. They are joined by the Macedonian Albanian Admir, and the Kosovo Rom Saneli.
Two contestants are voted out of the house every twenty days by phone calls and SMS messages from viewers at home. The last ones left win EUR 10,000. Viewers in Slovenia can participate in the telephone voting by calling 090 93 60 63 or by sending an SMS with the name of the candidate to be voted off to 2929.

To sem jaz can be seen on Prva TV in 10 to 15 minute increments five times daily from Monday to Friday, with hour-long daily wrap-ups each evening as well as on Saturdays. The To sem jaz website can be found at http://www.toasumjas.com.mk/.


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