četrtek, december 09, 2004

Slovene sex trade simmering

Last month's death of a Ukrainain prostitute in Bosnia has apparently struck the fear of God into not only her former clients but among johns throughout Slovenia. The girl, Olena Popik, was a victim of human trafficking who worked as a prostitute in Slovenia for two years, as well as in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia.

At the time of her death, she had TB, syphilis, hepatitis C and AIDS.

Clinics in Slovenia noted a spike in requests for STD testing when the news of her death broke, and now the daily Finance is claiming that some Slovene night clubs are registering a 90 percent drop in business. Even clubs which do not offer sexual services are losing business simply because their strippers are from Ukraine.

However, as the sex trade in the country is languishing, HIV testing and condom sales are up.

According to Slovene health authorities there are just 154 HIV-infected people in the country, of which 36 have AIDS [BWF / 09.12.04 / Death of Young Ukrainian Prostitute Dulls Slovenian Sex Industry].


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