nedelja, avgust 22, 2004

Festival of Slovene Film coming in November to LJ

The Festival of Slovene Film (FSF) will be held in Ljubljana at Cankarjev Dom from 6 to 10 November. The festival was supposed to be held in Celje, but due to poor conditions in the city’s theatres as well as scheduling conflicts which would not have left enough hotel rooms available, that plan was scratched (See: SB / 29.07.04 / Film festival leaves Celje after just one year).

One special event during this year’s FSF will be a round table discussion on the status of the Festival of Slovene Film and its future, in which experts and the festival’s organizers will participate.
The winning film at the FSF Film will open the 15th annual Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe), which will take place from 10 to 24 November. More details will be available in September, after the agreement between the FSF and Cankarjev Dom is signed [STA / 19.08.04 /
7. festival slovenskega filma bo novembra v Cankarjevem domu, Večer / 21.08.04 / Iz Celja v Ljubljano].