nedelja, avgust 22, 2004

Pod Zvezdami Celjanov, 28 August

Celje’s seventh annual medieval festival, Pod Zvezdami Celjanov, will be held on Saturday, 28 August. A group made up primarily of volunteers will return Celje’s Stari Grad castle to the 15th century though costumes, music, games and other events. Last year’s event drew more than 2000 people, and organizers are expecting even more this time around. Special guests include the band Remdih from the Czech Republic, which will perform music from the early 15th century.

The festival will also feature a Medieval Market, with gifts and demonstrations of traditional crafts, and a medieval pub called Pri Volovski Glavi, which will serve medieval food and drink (the menu can be found
here, but only in Slovene).

Organizers are providing a free bus between the city center to Stari Grad. Tickets will cost SIT 1000 (€ 4.16) for adults and SIT 300 (€ 1.25) for children under 15 [Večer / 20.08.04 /
Od srednjeveške glasbe in tržnice do viteške maše].

See also SB / 17.08.04 / 22 August: 10th Annual Erazmov Viteški Turnir and “Reliving the Past” in Ljubljana Life for more on summer medieval festivals in Slovenia.