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Wallpaper Navigator shines the spotlight on Ljubljana

The second issue of Wallpaper Navigator, published this month, features Ljubljana and nine other of the “World’s Most Exciting Cities.” The LJ article was written by Birna Helgadottir and features numerous photos by David Willen.

“Known to most tourists as 'where?',” the article begins, “Ljubljana is one of Europe's best-kept secrets - a pint-size Prague or pocket Paris, tucked away at the top of the Adriatic.” Over the next ten pages, LJ’s best sights to see, nightlife hot spots, hotels and gift items are displayed.

Wallpaper recommends visits to Jože Plečnik's Žale cemetary and National Library, as well as the Nebotičnik. Architecture lovers are also directed to Edvard Ravnikar's Trg Republike, Cankarjev Dom and Ferantov Vrt; Edvard Mihevc's Metalka building (which reference's New York's Seagram Building); Vinko Glanz's National Assembly building; and Sadar Vuga's Chamber of Commerce, the first major architectural project to be built by the new generation of Slovene architects dubbed the “Sixpack Generation.”

Nightlife suggestions are centered on the city center: Mestni Trg’s Fraga (15), Minimal (4) and Cafe Galerija (5); Stari Trg’s Romeo (6); Prešerenov Trg’s Pločnik; Trubarjeva’s Salon (23), and a handful of others: Susimama (Wolfova 12), Chocobar Angel (Tavcarjeva 2), AS (Čopova 5a), Cafe Union (Nayorjeva 2), Global (Tomšičeva 2), the Pen Klub (Tomšičeva 12), Pri Vitežu (Breg 20) and Zvezda (Wolfova 14). The city’s best hotels are listed as Domina Grand Media,
Grand Union, Celica Hostel, Mons and Slon.

souvenirs of Slovenia is never easy, but here we find nearly a dozen suggestions. The most attention is paid to glass by Tanja Pak’s Steklarska Nova featured at Galerija Marjan Lovsin (Breg 8). Also featured are glasses and letter openers from Darila Rokus (Gosposvetska 2), clothes from Oktober (Kersnikova 1), antiques from Carniola Antiques (Trubarjeva 9), Hiše magazine, shoes from Lenora Mark (Kersnikova 1), Movia wine from Vinoteka Movia (Mestni Trg 4), chairs by Niko Kralj from Kubus Interier (Vegova 2) and handbags from Marjeta Groselj (Tavcarjeva 4).

Don’t miss the cover, which features the Nebotičnik together with important buildings from the other nine cities featured in the issue, including the Sydney Opera House, Hagia Sofia and the Golden Gate Bridge. Aside from LJ, Sydney, Istanbul and San Francisco, the issue also presents highlights of Antwerp, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Mumbai and Tokyo.

A “Cost of Living Index” is provided for each city. For LJ, the cost of a one-way taxi between the city center and the airport is € 33, a daily newspaper costs € 0.70, a bottle of Moet and Chandon NV is € 36, a cappuccino at a good café is € 0.85, a popular CD is € 16 and a pack of Marlboro Lights is € 2.


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