sobota, september 25, 2004

City Magazine to join the ranks of free media

A new free magazine, City Magazine, is set to launch on 25 October. It will be published by GV Skupina and the Belgian publisher Roulart. The magazine will publish monthly, with 48 pages and a moderate printrun of 90,000 copies, but there are plans for it to appear bi-weekly next March. It will be aimed at active, urban people, and will be distributed throughout the country in restaurants, stores, gyms, hair salons and cultural sites [Finance / 30.08.04 / City Magazine: Brezplačna revija za aktivne meščane].

Roulart has published similar magazines elsewhere in Europe for some twenty years, and they now appear in as many as 40 regional markets.

Though City Magazine will compete against the country’s already well-established free weekly newspapers
Žurnal and Dobro jutro, they are not worried [Finance / 01.09.04 / Žurnal in Dobro jutro se ne čutita ogrožena].

Mateja Kozole, Žurnal's press secretary, told Finance that “At the moment, it is difficult to speak of direct competition, and it is also too early for any sort of expectations. Žurnal is doing just fine, and so we will not be altering our plans because of the entry of a new free magazine into the media market.”

Dobro jutro editor-in-chief Saša Pukl said, “Free media was a market niche when Dobro jutro appeared on the market in November 2002, but it is not such any more. Nevertheless, it remains a good business opportunity for capable publishers. City Magazine will be competition for us, but only partially. But it will also help us spread the idea of free media, as I said when Žurnal first appeared.”


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