četrtek, september 02, 2004

The Slovenia Times: Cinema Special

The latest, September, issue of The Slovenia Times includes an extensive feature on cinema. The first article is a brief overview of cinema culture in Slovenia [ST / 09.04 / The Birth of Cinema], followed by an overview of Slovene filmmaking [ST / 09.04 / Timeless Features] and finally a rambling article about Slovene connections to international cinema (like TAM trucks in Schindler’s List or Elan skis in Superman…and in Bavarian pornos) [ST / 09.04 / A country that supplies bad guys].

More on Slovene film can be found at

And don’t forget: the next
Festival of Slovene Film will be held at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana from 6 to 10 November (see: SB / 21.08.04 / Festival of Slovene Film coming in November to LJ).