četrtek, september 02, 2004

Want to study in Slovenia but you don't speak Slovene? The Slovenia Times can help

The new September issue of The Slovenia Times includes an article on options for non-Slovene students who want to study in Slovenia. Several interesting programs are profiled.

For EU citizens, one budget option is to study on one of the EU sponsored education programs, such as Erasmus or Socrates. Regardless of whether students come on an EU program or on their own, the University of Ljubljana does not have many options for non-Slovene language instruction. Most times, foreign students are only given English-language “private consultations” only once or twice per month, while the actual courses themselves are taught in Slovene only. Not only do students not get the full benefit of the class, but they are unable to fully interact with their Slovene peers.

However, English-language options do exist. The
GEA College in Piran is starting up an International Bachelor Study of Entrepreneurship program, which will be composed of classes taught exclusively in English. The program will begin in the 2004/05 academic year. The full program takes three years plus one more semester to complete a bachelor’s thesis, and results in a Bachelor degree in Economics recognized throughout Europe. Tuition fees amount to € 4500 per annum. GEA College also offers a Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management course with lectures in English.

Another option is
IEDC – Bled School of Management, which offers a wide array of academic programs for non-Slovene speakers. According to The Slovenia Times, the International Executive MBA program is among the most popular. The program can be completed in one, two or three years, depending on the time the student has available. Tuition for the one-year program amounts to € 23,000, with the two- and three- year programs both costing € 26,500.

English Language Studies in Slovenia: A Decent Proposal in the Slovenia Times.