ponedeljek, avgust 30, 2004

Krka wins vs. Merck

The Supreme Court of Slovenia has ruled in favor of Slovene pharmaceutical company Krka in its dispute with US competitor Merck & Co., Inc. The US company wanted USD 100 million in damages from Krka for what it considered to be violations of intellectual property rights. The suit was filed in 1994, and hit the Supreme Court in November 2002. The case centered on the patent on the blood pressure drug Enapril. Krka markets its generic version of the drug as Enap.

Earlier this year, Merck withdrew a similar patent infringement suit against Krka which focused on the cholesterol drug Lovastatin. That case was first filed in 1996, and Merck was seeking USD 34 million in damages [SBW / 30.08.04 /
Merck Patent Lawsuit Against Krka Ends, SB / 27.08.04 / US Ambassador interviewed in Večer].