torek, december 14, 2004

Ryanair giving away tickets

Travellers have until midnight on Thursday, 16 December, to get free tickets on Ryanair. The only cost is the applicable taxes. A one-way flight from Klagenfurt/Celovec to London, for example, will cost 18 euroes.

Tickets must be bought immediately, and travel must occur between 17 December and 10 February 2005.

Ryanair currently flies to 19 countries in Europe. The closest points of departure from Slovenia are Klagenfurt/Celovec and Graz/Gradec in Austria, and Trieste/Trst in Italy [BWF / 13.12.04 / Ryanair Ticket Bonanza and Finance / 13.12.04 / Ryanairove vozovnice bodo zastonj].


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