torek, december 14, 2004

Slovene companies leading other EU newbies'

According to Slovenia Business Week, "The magic one-billion-euro revenue mark was crossed by 54 companies from eight of the new EU member states last year, and among the 1,000 major companies from the new EU members, one tenth are Slovenian," citing a 6 December issue of Gospodarski vestnik [SBW / 13.12.04 / 10% of Top 1,000 Companies from EU Newcomers Are Slovenian].

Though Slovenia's rightful share of spots on the list would one-tenth of the companies on the list, since there were ten new member states, it should be pointed out that only eight of the countries were included. Of them, Poland had 442 companies on the list, the Czech Republic 171, Slovakia 59 and the three Baltic republics together 22. Slovenia managed to place 99 of its companies.

Oil company Petrol was the highest ranked among Slovene firms, placing 40th overall. Next was Renault-owned auto maker Revoz, at 80th place, followed by Nova Ljubljanska Banka (81), retailer Mercator (86th), drug maker Lek (97th) and appliance maker Gorenje (107).


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