četrtek, januar 20, 2005

Ptuj gearing up for local Carnevale, Kurentovanje

Carnevale will be held in early February this year all around the world, and Slovenia is no exception. The most significant celebration in the country is centered on Ptuj, and is called "Kurentovanje," after the Kurent, a mythical creature associated with wine and partying.

Kurentovaje in Ptuj will run from 3 to 8 February and will open with the parade of Kurents, people dressed in traditional costumes made of sheepskin with bells around their belts, long red leather tongues and horns. The parade will take place at midnight on the 3rd. Later that day, the mayor of Ptuj will ceremonially transfer his authority to the Carnevale Prince, who will be accompanied by more Kurents. The central location of the celebrations will be a carnevale tent on the left bank of the Drava near Ptuj Bridge.

One of the highlights of Kurentovanje is the nightly concerts. The schedule is as follows: D' Kwashen Retashy, Fredy Miler and Boštjan Konečnik (3 February), Vlado Kreslin with the Romany group Halgata and Marko Potrč (4 February), Roc'k'n band and Davor Borno (5 February), a parade of the best folk and entertainment ensembles (6 February), Čuki (7 February) and Jasmin Stavros (8 February).

During the day, events will be held at the carnevale tent for children, with a special children’s Carnevale Masquerade on 7 February. Various ethnographic groups will be represented by street performers throughout the city during Carnevale, both from Slovenia and from abroad. On 6 February from 2 to 5 p.m., a number of ethnographic groups from throughout Slovenia and seven from abroad will perform in a special show [STA / 17.01.05 / Kurentovanje se bo začelo 3. februarja].