sreda, januar 05, 2005

To sem jaz update: Just two voted off

Even though the show's organizers promised that four cast members would be voted out of the secret Skopje villa, just two ended up leaving last night: Serbia's Miodrag (Mićo) Marković and Macedonian Roma Sanela Abaz. The decision to only eliminate two instead of four was made, according to Novi List, either because of the heightened emotional situation in the house or the “dynamic of the show.”

Organizers have changed their plans further, now saying that two contestants will be eliminated every ten days, instead of every twenty days as was the original plan.

Mićo had been a favorite among the cast members, and so it was quite an upset that he became one of the first to be cut [Novi List / 04.01.05 / Makedonka i Srbin ispali iz natjecanja, / 04.01.05 / To sam ja: Ispali Srbin i Romkinja].

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At 2:02 pop., Blogger brotherlylove said...

Thank you Brian for the updates. Greatly appreciated

At 6:55 pop., Blogger BB4 said...

Any idea why the website is now asking for a user name and password to access the live feeds. More importantly how do we get a user name and pasword?

At 7:33 pop., Blogger brotherlylove said...

Yes Brian, If you could see what needs to be done to register for UN and PW. You will recieve many Thank you's. Very upset with the fact that they just stopped it like that, while we were watching it no less. No information on site for steps to take. Please, could you find out for us. Thank you.


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