sreda, avgust 25, 2004

Tourism problems in Kranjska Gora

Lucija Bošnik had two articles in the daily Finance on 23 August which focused on tourism problems in the popular ski resort town of Kranjska Gora.

The first,
Juriš na Vršič ravno ne gane Kranjske Gore (The race to Vršič does not affect Kranjska Gora), discussed the cycle race Ascent up Vršič that will be held on 4 September, and how it could help to promote tourism in and around Kranjska Gora. Every year, around 3000 people attend the “Juriš na Vršič” race, while 800 to 1200 participate in it.

Kranjska Gora is not far from Vršič in northwestern Slovenia, few participants or spectators end up spending much time in the town at all, preferring smaller villages in the area. This year, race organizers would like to see that change, but the Kranjska Gora officials do not seem to be making much of an effort.

The title of the second article,
Kranjska Gora med Kekci, Bedanci in Pehtami (Kranjska Gora among Kekec, Bedanec and Pehta), refers to beloved characters from a children’s book. It also mentions the Ascent up Vršič race, but focuses more broadly on the problems Kranjska Gora is having with its tourism.

Aside from the lack of interest in the race, Bošnik also points out that Kranjska Gora is the only tourist center in Slovenia which is not highlighted on the website of
Easyjet. One explanation the local tourism authorities offer is that Kranjska Gora has no hotels with a rating of less than four stars, and so they are seeking a more elite sort of guest than either the race or a budget airline like Easyjet provides. On the other hand, establishments in Kranjska Gora such as Hit casino have a vested interest in promotion of the area by tourism authorities.

The biggest problem Bošnik uncovers is a lack of communication among hoteliers, bar owners and restaurateurs, local authorities and other major players in town.