sobota, september 25, 2004

43% of Slovenia on-line

As of the first quarter of 2004, 43 percent of the Slovene population between the ages of 16 and 74 is using the interent and 47 percent of all households have internet access, according to the national statistics office.

Also, as many as 93 businesses with ten or more employees have internet access, while nearly two-thirds of all businesses (62 percent) have a homepage.

Of the 43 percent (673,453 people) who use the internet, more than half use it daily and 86 percent have used it at least once in the past three months. Around 70 percent use the internet at home, while 54 percent use it at work. The most popular uses of the internet in the first quarter of 2004 were email and searching for various information [Večer / 21.09.04 / Internet uporablja 43 odstotkov prebivalcev].