sobota, september 25, 2004

World Bank gives low ranking to Slovene business climate

The World Bank’s report “Doing Business 2005” ranks Slovenia well below most other European countries in terms of business conditions. The biggest problems relate to setting up a business in the country, as related costs can amount to as much as 12.3 percent of the total investment [Finance / 13.09.04 / World Bank Report leaves Slovenia in the Doghouse].

A total of 145 countries were surveyed for the report.

Finance spoke to several experts, most of whom agreed with the World Bank assessment. Former Economics Minister Jože Zagožen said that the government does not do enough to help new businesses, and current Economics Minister Matej Lahovnik agreed, adding that the government is currently preparing several new changes which should help the situation [Finance / 13.09.04 /
Dobro obveščeni o negativnih rezultatih raziskave Svetovne banke].

The report contains several indicators grouped into various classes: economic characteristics, starting a business, hiring and firing workers, registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, enforcing contracts and closing a business
[SBW / 20.09.04 / World Bank Report Points to Excess of Red Tape in Slovenia].


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