sobota, september 25, 2004

US - Slovene diplomacy changes hands

On 15 September, new Slovene Ambassador to the United States Samuel Žbogar presented his credentials to US President George W. Bush, while new US Ambassador to Slovenia Thomas Bolling Robertson was sworn in the following day.

Žbogar is the fourth Slovene ambassador to the US, following Ernest Petrič, Dimitrij Rupel and Davorin Kračun. Bolling is the fifth US ambassador to Slovenia [SBW / 20.09.04 /
Zbogar Submits Credentials to US President].

Also on 16 September, outgoing US Ambassador to Slovenia Johnny Young met with Slovene President Janez Drnovsek one last time. Young has served in his post since 2001 [SBW / 20.09.04 / Drnovsek Receives US Ambassador on Farewell Visit].