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Delo halts events-listing magazine Deloskop

On 27 January, the final issue of the weekly events-listing magazine Deloskop hit newsstands. The magazine’s publisher, Delo, has announced that the move was made because the magazine was insufficiently profitable. It had a print run of 1,000 copies weekly, but was oftentimes hard to come by in Ljubljana, as many newsstands either did not receive it or sold out of it quickly.

Deloskop launched in February 2004 with nearly SIT 6 million (apx. USD 30,000) in assistance from the Ministry of Culture, and was the only such magazine of its kind in Slovenia. This is the second Delo magazine to fail, the other being Razglede. The magazine will be replaced by a fuller events-listing section in the daily edition of Delo [Finance / 27.01.05 /
Delo je odpravilo neuspešen tednik Deloskop].


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