petek, januar 28, 2005

National Readership Survey results released

According to the recently-released results of the latest National Readership Survey, the most widely-read newspapers and magazines have remained the same as in previous surveys. However, promotions whereby newspaper readers can get books at a low cost have raised the sales – but not the readership – of many.

Readership data from the second half of 2004 are essentially the same as those from the second half of 2002, though overall readership has improved. The largest improvement in readership was shown by Finance, which grew from 1.4 percent in the second half of 2002 to 3.4 percent in 2004.

The most widely-read daily remains the tabloid Slovenske novice, while Nedeljski dnevnik remains the top weekly and Ognišče the top monthly. Vikend is the most popular newspaper supplement, while Družinski delničar has beat out Žurnal and Dobro jutro as the top free newspaper.

Among dailes, Slovenske novice has 411,000 readers each day, followed by Delo (241,000), Večer (177,000), Dnevnik (161,000), Primorske novice (90,000), Finance (58,000) and Ekipa (51,000). Among the free papers, Družinski delničar leads the pack with 272,000 readers, followed by Žurnal (253,000) and Dobro jutro (222,000).

The National Readership Survey is conducted quarterly by Cati, a research organization, and is conducted under the aegis of the Slovene Chamber of Advertising [Finance / 25.01.05 / Najbolj brana še vedno Slovenske novice in Nedeljski, Večer / 26.01.05 / Večer ostaja drugi med resnimi].


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