sreda, januar 26, 2005

Government open to dialogue with NGOs

The government is making new efforts to reach out to the country’s civil society sector. The most likely partner for the government is the Initiative for the Future of NGOs, an informal group of civil society leaders formed in July 2003.

Throughout the 1980s, civil society was quite vibrant, but it faltered with Slovene independence in 1991 and never regained its footing.

Now, new Minister of Public Administration Gregor Virant is taking steps toward establishing a new dialogue with NGOs which could serve to raise the profile of civil society throughout the country. The government plans to found a negotiating team which it hopes will begin meeting with NGOs by the end of February. A cooperation agreement could be signed between the two parties before the end of the year [SN / 21.01.05 / NGOs and the Govt Establishing a Dialogue].