sreda, januar 26, 2005

Ryanair coming to Maribor

Low-cost airline Ryanair is set to launch its first Slovenia route, beginning in September. The route will fly between Maribor and London, and will compete with the already-established Ljubljana-London route run by competitor Easyjet, as well as with national carrier Adria and British Airways which also fly between Ljubljana and London. For now, the closest Ryanair terminals to Slovenia are in Klagenfurt and Trieste [Finance / 21.01.05 / Ryanair to Fly from Maribor to London in September, Finance / 21.05.05 / Ryanair septembra iz Maribora v London].

The Ryanair route will be the third daily route from Maribor airport, following the recent establishment of a Maribor – Salzburg – Paris route at the beginning of last week by Styrian Spirit airline [Večer / 25.01.05 / Od jeseni tudi vsak dan z letalom iz Maribora v London].


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One word, four syllables: Hallelujah.


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