sreda, januar 26, 2005

To sem jaz update: Yugonostalgia goes too far!

Regular viewers of To sem jaz in Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia were left without on 19 January, as the television stations in those countries which air the show pulled it from the air. The move was the result of a disagreement between the stations and Zoran Ristoski, who owns the show. Ristoski decided unilaterally to make some changes to the show’s set, adding three large portraits of Tito, a hammer and sickle ornament, a Tito signature and the slogan of the Communists’ prison colony Goli Otok.

He also wanted the show’s hosts to wear white shirts and red handkerchiefs, a reference to early Yugoslav fashion. Anja Alavanja, one of the Croatian hosts, refused to participate in the show after the request was made [ / 20.01.05 / Anja Alavanja odbila voditi "To sam ja" u pionirskoj uniformi].

The extreme yugonostalgia was witnessed only by viewers of Macedonian national television, since Bosnia’s OBN, Croatia’s CCN and Slovenia’s Prva TV all refused to air footage shot on the newly redecorated set. The stations’ owners felt this level of yugonostalgia raised too many sensitive and provocative political questions [Večernji List / 20.01.05 / Zbog sporne 'titoidne’ scenografije regionalne TV odbile prikazati show].

Ristoski removed the new decorations and returned the set to its original appearance, and the show was returned to the airwaves in Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia the following day [ / 21.01.05 / Organizator odustao od jugonostalgične scenografije, Novi List / 21.01.05 / Srp, čekić i tri velike Titove slike uzburkale duhove].

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