četrtek, januar 20, 2005

Slovenia takes over OSCE presidency

On 1 January, Slovenia has become the leader of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the OSCE. According to officials, this is the country’s greatest foreign policy challenge since its leadership of the United Nations Security Council in 1997 and good practice for the country as it prepares to assume the mantle of the presidency of the European Union. [SN / 03.01.05 / Slovenia Assumes OSCE Presidency, SN / 05.01.05 / Jansa and Rupel Bring Diplomats’ Attention to Top Challenges, SN / 05.01.05 / Drnovsek: Presidency of OSCE and EU Are Tough Tasks, STA / 14.01.05 / Slovenia "to face numerous obstacles" as OSCE chair – paper].

According to Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel, leading the OSCE will be based on a "triple-R agenda: revitalize, reform and rebalance" the organization. He is also hoping that the country’s position between East and West will allow it to play the role of mediator in a number of disputes, most significantly between Russia and the West. Other focuses will be internal reforms of the OSCE, trafficking in human beings, and flashpoints such as in the Caucasus, Transdniestra in Moldova and Kosovo [SN / 13.01.05 / Rupel Says Slovenia Wants to Revitalise, Reform and Rebalance OSCE].

The website of the Slovene presidency of the OSCE can be found at http://www.osce.org/cio/slovenia/.


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