četrtek, januar 20, 2005

To sem jaz update: Again no vote, while show might be sued

Once again, the expulsion of two of the housemates based on call-in voting has been put off, this time for ten days. The delay is, according to the organizers, intended to maintain the show’s dynamic [Index.hr / 17.01.05 / To sam ja: O nacionalnim predrasudama, pornićima i masturbiranju].

Meanwhile, the Dutch company Endemol has announced that it is suing the organizers of To sem jaz for copyright infringement. The company says that the show is a blatant rip off of Big Brother, to which Endemol owns the rights. The company has also filed similar suits in Brazil, Israel and France [Index.hr / 19.01.05 / "To sam ja" pred tužbom, Novi List / 19.01.05 / Nismo kopija "Big Brothera"].

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