četrtek, januar 20, 2005

To sem jaz update: Slovene Miro on the rocks

According to the Croatian media (since the Slovene media seems to have forgotten all about the show), the Slovene contestant on To sem jaz, Miro, is about to be disqualified because he is not fully participating. Viewers have noticed as well: "On the show, one Slovene viewer wrote in that the Slovene representative is lazy, just lies around and is not representing Slovenia in a good light" [Index.hr / 06.01/05 / To sam ja: Slovenac pred diskvalifikacijom].

Meanwhile, a few days later, the Croatian media reports that Miro is concentrating on being the biggest "stud" in the house, and that – at least according to him – all of the women in the house want to sleep with him. So far, though, only the Serbian contestant, Dijana, has. "Josipa has said that she likes Miro, while Mateja has said that she feels a special chemistry with Miro…"
However, "Miro is still sleeping with Dijana regularly, and the noise they make is bothering the Croatian representative Edis, who cannot sleep because of it" [Index.hr / 10.01.05 / Raste sesksualna napetost u showu "To sam ja"].

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At 2:43 pop., Blogger brotherlylove said...

Thank you so very much Brian. I greatly appreciate the updates. Please keep them comming. I miss the show very much now that we in the US can not watch it any longer.


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