četrtek, januar 20, 2005

To sem jaz update: Two girls replaced…temporarily

On 12 January, To sem jaz organizers announced that the two most boring girls would be ejected from the house and replaced by two new contestants, in an attempt to make the show more interesting. The voting was left to the contestants in the house, and it was Serbia’s Dijana and Slovenia’s Jana who had to leave.

The two new candidates – from Bulgaria – then came into the house and surprisingly began a striptease for the boys. Miro was the first to jump into the game, breaking his streak as the laziest of the housemates. The boys then began stripping themselves, though Edis refused to play along since he thought something was not quite right.

In the end the organizers announced it was a joke, that the two strippers are not going to stay and that Dijana and Jana will remain on the show. Dijana immediately assailed Miro for forgetting about her so quickly and trying to get the strippers’ attention [Index.hr / 13.01.05 / Bugarske striptizete u showu "To sam ja"].

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